ndsc强 - Suicide Awareness and Prevention

We know students struggle and sometimes question if they have the strength to continue. NDSCS strives to provide the support and resources to help students be safe and successful. As a student of NDSCS you are part of a community that supports and cares about you. 



ndsc强 initiative is our way of helping students recognize they are supported and letting students know the campus cares about their safety. 当你看到 ndsc强 标志, 要知道你是有选择的, 希望, and a community of people who are willing to help you through the hard times. 

"Positive and supportive social relationships and community connections can help buffer the effects of risk factors in people’s lives."
Suicide Prevention Resource Center (1994-2018). A Comprehensive Approach to Suicide Prevention. 检索自2018年6月20日 http://www.sprc.org/effective-prevention/comprehensive-approach

Suicide prevention is our shared responsibility. NDSCS wants to equip our campus community with the skills necessary to help others who may be having thoughts of suicide.

Suicide Awareness and Prevention FAQ

Q: How do I recognize someone who may be thinking about suicide?

A:  Most people who are thinking about suicide are experiencing depression and/or show changes in behavior. 


  • Talking about killing themselves/death/dying/or statements of finality
  • 绝望
  • 抑郁情绪
  • Not caring about things that used to be important to them
  • Increased use of alcohol or drugs
  • 撤回/改变行为
  • 赠送个人物品
  • Abrupt shift from depressed mood to feeling relief
Q: I think someone may be having suicidal thoughts – what do I do?

A: 问,问,问!

  • 是直接.  Ask, “Are you thinking about suicide?”
     - You will not “give” them the idea.  If they are at risk, they already have the idea.
  • 支持和倾听.  You may be the first person who showed the courage to ask them about their thoughts.
Q:  What if they say they are having thoughts of suicide.

A:  和对方在一起

  • Continue to listen and be supportive
  • Seek additional help with the situation
  • 您的选择是调用:
      - 911
      - RA或RD